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Paxi – one of the 20 most beautiful islands in the world. Your holiday in Corfu will never be complete if you do not take a daily cruise on two of the most famous islands in the world, which are in the Ionian Sea –Paxi and Antipaxi. The islands of Paxi and Antipaxi have swept visitors off their feet, with their lacy beaches, the picturesque bays, the green hills, the impressive rocks, and the enchanting blue sea caves inside the crystal clear sky-blue waters.

Our daily cruise departs from the port of Corfu on the new ship of our company ZANADU. As we sail south of Corfu, you can see Garitsa Bay, the Mon Repos Palace (Prince’s Philip of England birthplace), the Pontikonisi (the mouse island), the tourist areas of Perama and Benitses, the Gastouri village with the palace of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and finally the south most cape of Asprokavos. As we approach the canal between Corfu and Paxi, the first impressions exceed all expectations. The image of the port’s narrow canal between Paxi and the island of Saint Nicklaus is one of the most beautiful images in the Ionian Sea. According to the myth, the Greek Ancient god Neptune hit the south of Corfu with his trident with force and he divided the island in two parts, creating thus the island of Paxi and an ideal hideaway for his beloved Amphitrite.

The first destination is the enchanting island of Antipaxi, with the exotic beaches that could be compared to those of the Caribbean. We will reach the beach of Antipaxi where you will have 1hour and 20 minutes to swim in the crystal clear waters.

After your acquaintance with the island of Antipaxi –an experience that will stay in your mind for ever– we sail for our next destination, a steep beach with vertical cliffs and sea caves (BLUE CAVES). Our ship makes a grandiose entrance in the caves,, where we will be astonished by the colours and the shading of the water –from light blue to turquoise and emerald.

After this unique and beautiful experience, which will stay in your mind forever, we head for the island of Paxi, our next destination. Here you will have 2 hours free of time to stroll in the narrow alleys, to enjoy your coffee by the view of the island of Saint Nicklaus or the facing shores of the mainland and the water of the romantic canal. For those of you who want to get a better view of Poseidon’s romantic hideaway, there is the opportunity to take the amazing optional bus tour, which travels you through the entire island along with our guide. On your way you will find Logos bay with its small port surrounded by jolly small houses as well as Lakka (the north most place of the island of Paxi), lying on an impressive deep sandy gulf.

During our voyage you can enjoy sunbathing, have a coffee, dine or cool off with refreshments available on our ship. We will be happy to welcome you on our ships and we are certain that our daily cruise in the Ionian Sea on ZANADU will be in your hearts and minds for ever.

1 Day
12+ Age
  • Departure
    Corfu, Greece
  • Departure Time
    We set off for Paxi – Antipaxi at 9.00 a.m.
  • Return Time
    At 17.00 we leave Paxi and we arrive in Corfu at around 19.00
We set off for Paxi – Antipaxi at 9.00 a.m.
First, we arrive at Antipaxi at 11.30 a.m. 1 hour and 10 minutes free time for swimming
Next, we visit the BLUE CAVES. 20 minutes there taking photos and watching the amazing colours of the water.
Then we sail for the island of Paxi, 2 hours free time
At 17.00 we leave Paxi and we arrive in Corfu at around 19.00
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Tours Reviews
  • Irene K
    Ταξίδι στους Παξούς

    Πήραμε το δελφίνι Ήλιδα και πήγαμε Παξούς . Τα κορίτσια στο γραφείο πολύ εξυπηρετικα και το πλοίο καθαρό ! Φτάσαμε όντως Παξούς σε μια ώρα !

    Accomodation Destination Meals Overall Transport Value For Money
  • Alexandra G

    Πρώτα αντικρίζεις τα ευγενικά κορίτσια του γραφείου, μετά το ευγενικό πλήρωμα του δελφινιού Ήλιδα και στο τέλος κάθεσαι αναπαυτικά και σε μόλις 1 ώρα είσαι στο πανέμορφο νησί των Παξών. Όσοι επισκεφτείτε το νησί της Κέρκυρας πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να πάρετε το δελφίνι και να ταξιδέψετε για ΠΑΞΟΥΣ.

    Accomodation Destination Meals Overall Transport Value For Money


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